Dr. Spock – “Dr. Phil”

The first song on Dr. Spock’s Dr. Phil album is called “Suckmyc*ckspockyouf*ck”.

I could realistically end the blog post with just the above sentence.  But then you’d miss out on the amazing experience that is Dr. Spock.

I knew nothing about Dr. Spock when we first went to Airwaves in 2009, but Holly had read that they were having a “super secret off venue show” at the festival.  It became sort of a running joke between us.  “I wonder if we’ll run into the super secret show.”  Then one night we saw lots of people walking around wearing just one yellow rubber glove… an obvious homage to the Dr. Phil album cover.  Later that night we walked out of a venue and stepped right into the super secret Dr. Spock show.  Which was being played inside an 18-wheeler trailer being pulled slowly through downtown Reykjavik.  If there’s one moment in our Airwaves history that sums up the Airwaves experience, it’s that one.  One of the dudes was swigging from a fifth of Jack Daniels.  Rock ‘n roll.  Awesome.

So what is Dr. Spock all about?  If you knew, you’d probably be locked up in an insane asylum.  Ottarr from HAM is one of the vocalists, and he sings like… well… it’s not really singing… sort of a croaking.  The bass has a funky Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe.  But the songs are all over the board stylistically.  Including a song called “Strawberries” that takes some lyrics from the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields”, and a song called “Beach Boys” which starts out in straight-up surf style before going totally off the rails. And don’t forget “Condoleeza” (I’m sure Condoleeza Rice would not approve) and “Singing in ze Rain”.  If you can figure out what’s going on here, you’re probably on a government list somewhere.

Ironically Holly was the one who bought this album.  Go figure.

Let’s be clear here.  I dig Dr. Spock.  It’s all over the place.  A hot mess of music.  It’s punkish, sort of metal, a bit of funk, a dash of psych, and a whole lot of creativity.  Their second album, Falcon Christ (that may seriously be the greatest album name of all time, for those of us that grew up watching 80s television), includes a DVD with live concert footage from the greatest venue in the world, NASA (now closed, to my dismay).  Wrestling masks.  Rubber gloves.  Portions of their songs coming from a cassette playing in a boom box.  Distilled awesomeness.

Dr. Spock makes it happen.  I’m not sure what it is, but it happens, and it’s pretty damn cool.

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