Daniel Agust – “The Drift”

Have you ever followed your footsteps,
Into the unknown,
Where the ground is hollow,
In the arms of darkness?

So opens Daniel Agust’s masterpiece, The Drift.  Agust, the lead singer of Gusgus, released this, his second solo album, in 2011.  We didn’t know what to expect when we picked it up, other than that it included a cover of Gusgus’ “Feel Like Dancing” from the 24/7 album, which we loved, so it seemed like a safe bet.  And was it ever.  While the Gusgus cover (is it really a cover if you’re singing a song from your band, but do so in a completely different style on a solo album?  Enquiring minds want to know.) has an interesting country/western vibe to it, the entire album is an impressive experience.

Agust delivers 11 impressive tracks on The Drift, with a style all his own that has twangy guitars, some honky tonk, and his amazing vocals.  I have to confess that I think he may have one of the very best voices in music today – so clean and full of emotion that it just sucks you in.  If you ever get a chance to catch him live, either solo, with Gusgus, or his other project Esja, you have to make the effort to go.  Bottom line is that I have yet to find a Daniel Agust band or project that I haven’t enjoyed immensely.


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