“Punk Rock from Holland” Compilation

I know, I know… another comp.  But this is probably my all-time favorite punk comp (so far), so indulge me.

I found this little gem at the amazing punk record store Trash Palace in Stockholm, Sweden (<– pretentious alert for referring to my trip to Europe in an offhand way, as if all I have to do is galavant around The Continent in search of punk vinyl) earlier this summer.  The trip hadn’t been going well on the vinyl front.  I’d struck out in Helsinki, though I did come away with some punk CDs, and my early efforts in Sweden failed as well.  But Trash Palace was like a punk vinyl Mecca, and even though they had so many problems running my credit card I was afraid it was going to be cancelled on the spot, I scored some vinyl… enough that they actually insisted on me taking one of their branded fabric record satchels at no charge (the plastic strap clip broke within three blocks of the store – ha!).

As near as I can tell Punk Rock from Holland is a bootleg originally released some time around 1996.  It looks like there are multiple versions of colored vinyl… mine is on orange (fitting, given that it’s Dutch punk) and the sticker on the front cover indicates it’s a limited edition – #19 of 100.  I bought it new and still sealed, so the orange vinyl (also known in clear, black, red, and blue) was a pleasant surprise when I got home (“Do you have anything to declare?”… “Um, just a bunch of records…”).  The reverse actually provides a bit of info (in English) about the bands and songs on the comp, and many of the songs are in English which is sort of a bonus in a way.

The record starts strong with arguably the best track on it – “Sex” by Filth (complete with heavy breathing!).  The other classics on side A are at the end, with Panic’s “Dead or Alive” and “Goodbye” by the Flyin’ Spiderz.  Mind you, all the songs overall are well chosen and representative of the punk sound from the late 1970s – short, fast, and intense, but they still haven’t crossed over into hardcore.  Side B picks up right where side A left off with “Wap Shoo Wap” by Ivy Green from 1978, an early punk rockabilly tune.  You know, side B actually may be the better side (though “Sex” being on side A gives it a HUGE advantage) on the record.

Regardless of which side you have it on, I think you’ll be happy with Punk Rock from Holland if you’re into classic, early European punk rock.  You can’t go wrong, no matter what color the vinyl.  So long as it’s ON vinyl.

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