Júdas – “Eins Og Fætur Toga”

Júdas were an Icelandic prog rock band from the heyday of prog rock, the mid 1970s.  I’m trying to broaden my musical horizons a bit, and Júdas is certainly a well-known band in Iceland, so I asked Ingvar at Lucky Records to hold a copy of this for me prior to our last visit figuring I’d see what was going on in Reykjavik’s rock scene circa 1976.

Turns out it’s a lot like a James Taylor album circa 1976.  Light rock with piano plus the odd horn and woodwind thrown in for good measure.  There’s even a track that sort of has a Calypso vibe to it.  And now I suddenly have a craving for a piña colada.  I can’t help but thinking that some of these tracks should have been on the soundtrack for The Graduate, or perhaps an episode of Welcome Back Kotter.  Vinnie Barbarino could go see them in concert and fall in love with a blonde Icelander, only to have his musical taste ridiculed by Juan Epstein and Freddie Washington who call it “square” and put a strain on young Vinnie’s relationship before love eventually conquers all.  Maybe even something out of That 70s Show where one of the characters thinks they’re going to a Judas Priest concert, but in fact ends up at a Júdas, which explains why the scalper was selling the tickets so cheap and why no one else is in the venue.  Damn I missed my true calling… I should have been a Hollywood writer.  I need to mail those ideas to myself immediately to protect my copyright.

As for Júdas, if you still pine for the prog/folk rock of the 70s, check ’em out.  Otherwise make sure the word “Judas” is followed by the word “Priest” when you’re out record shopping.


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