Carbonas – “Carbonas”

The Carbonas play basic, no nonsense, no frills, pop-punk a la the Ramones.  They’re fast, they’re poppy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they took their name from the Ramones tune, “Carbona Not Glue”, a song dedicated to huffing and a follow up to their controversial hit “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”.  The Carbonas sound like they have just a twinge of country mixed into their punk style which, given that they’re from Atlanta, makes a little sense.

There are a surprising number of articles about and interviews of the band online.  But to be honest I’m feeling pretty lazy, so while I skimmed a couple I gave up pretty quickly.

Embarrassing revelation time.  I came across this in the new arrivals bin at Easy Street Records the other day and picked it up because the cover picture basically says punk rock.  When I flipped it over I misread singer Greg King’s name as Greg Kihn, and I thought to myself, “Huh, I never knew Greg Kihn was in a punk band.  That’s a bit of a departure from that song ‘Jeopardy’ he did in the 80s.”  Um, no it’s not stupid.  Because it’s not Greg Kihn.  Greg Kihn is arguably one of the least punk people on the earth today.  But it would be funny as hell if he fronted a punk band for kicks, kind of like Pat Boone’s heavy metal album.  Wait.  Who am I kidding.  It would suck hard.  Probably still funny, though.

So what about the music on 2007’s Carbonas?  I already told you!  Ramones-esque pop punk with a dash of country… but just a hint.  Sort of like when you think you smelled something, then take  bunch more sniffs but can’t locate the smell any more.  It’s like that.  Except, you know, music.


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