Glamorous Hooligan – “Wasted Youth Club Classics”

The cover fooled me on this one.  I found it in the section Silver Platters dedicated to the recently purchased vinyl collection that used to belong to DJ Masa, and I assumed based on the names of the band and the album, along with the cover photo, that this was probably something punk.  And I was wrong.  But in being wrong and buying this album for the wrong reasons, I ended up winning anyway, because this is some kick ass electronica.

Released in 1994, Wasted Youth Club Classics was partially a response by Dean Cavanagh and his bandmates to the dance club scene evolving at the time, one that often involved expensive tickets to see name DJs, which kept a lot of the younger people from attending.  There is a sense of DIY here, and crediting Robert Anton Wilson on the jacket reverse harkens to The KLF and breaking down the walls of society through discordianism.   They also give thanks to Hunter S. Thompson, the originator of gonzo journalism, which also fits with the overall sense of that Glamorous Hooligan was all about.  I have to admit, though, I find it interesting, odd, and perhaps a little unnerving that it appears a small group of musicians in the UK during the late 1980s/early 1990s seemed so heavily influenced by Robert Anton Wilson.  But I have to give credit where credit is due – the music those groups were putting out is outstanding, so maybe there’s something to it after all…

Musically Wasted Youth Club Classics is a killer double album.  Some of the songs, particularly those on side A, seem more downtempo and not exactly dance floor material, but the tempo picks up on some of the other tracks and there is certainly stuff here that will get you moving.  Side C is absolutely my favorite, and “Stoned Island Estate” is by far my favorite track, with some hip hop style vocals and repeated use of the “We is stoned…” portion of “Stoned Immaculate” by the Doors.

Wasted Youth Club Classics might be the best record buying “mistake” I’ve ever made, and I’m glad I made it.  This is going to get more spins in the future.

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