Gluecifer – “Tender is the Savage”

I’ve spent the last few evenings plowing through a stack of late 1960s to mid 1970s Icelandic folk and psych vinyl and was beginning to think it was actually altering my brain chemistry.  I found myself thinking about big collared shirts and how cool I’d undoubtedly look with mutton chop sideburns.  About the beauty of nature and the dream of a society filled with peace and love.

So with that in mind after dinner tonight I poured myself four fingers of bourbon, put Gluecifer on the turntable, and rediscovered myself.  Such is the power of rock.  Especially hard rock.  Now I find myself thinking of leather jackets, chicks in heels, and how amazing a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon would taste with this bourbon.  The beauty of nature… right.  How about the sensation of sitting inside on a dark and rainy night with the lights turned down and the stereo turned up?  All hail Gluecifer!

This was a truly random find in the small record section at Half Price Books.  Released in 2000, Tender is the Savage is the Norwegian band’s fourth full length album, one that was put out in the US by none other than Sub Pop (ironic, since I live just outside of Seattle but still found the Norwegian release locally).  This is straight forward, fast, no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll.  And the vocals are in English and sound like they’re being sung by some magical version of Glenn Danzig, one who can actually sing.

Tender is the Savage is, simply put, kick-ass rock.  It’s almost like Clutch fronted by Danzig.  I think “Drunk and Pompous,” the opening track of side B, best encompasses the bands sound, from the in your face vocals to the shredding guitars to the cow bell.

Sweet liberation with a twist,
Coz in a cool world I exist,
Gonna pull my shutters down,
Gonna kick it all around,
Coz I’m a black belt master
Fightin’ with a velvet fist!
— “Drunk and Pompous”

Ridiculous?  Yes.  Rockin’ like a mother f’er?  Oh, hell yeah!  Gluecifer probably would have fit in very well in the mid to late 1980s, which is of course right in my musical wheelhouse.  I’ll stay on the lookout for more Gluecifer records, because sometimes you just need to rock out.  But right now I need another four fingers of bourbon…