Nútímabörn – “Nútímabörn”

I don’t know what to tell you about all the Icelandic folk and psych records lately.  These are way outside the norm for me, but I found three small batches (six records total) on eBay, all from US sellers, and all at reasonable prices, so I felt compelled to pick them up.  Nútímabörn is the earliest of the group, dating all the way back to nineteen and sixty-nine, and probably represents the oldest Icelandic record I have at this point.

Like the others from this time period I’ve been reviewing, this one has a number of covers including songs by Bobby Darin (“Okkar Fyrstu Fundir”) and even The Beatles (“Hvenær Vöknum Við” – “We Can Work It Out”).  Google Translate isn’t a whole lot of help here, since the song title translations don’t seem to match songs by the original artists.  But no matter.  There is also a song that has cats meowing in it.  Or people meowing like cats.  Automatic disqualification as cat lady music!

Seriously gang, I don’t know what more to say.  It’s 1969.  It’s folk.  It has sweet sideburns and a dude who looks a lot like Ray Manzarek.  It has cat sounds.  If we every have an “Icelandic Hippy” theme party, we’ll play the hell out of this.  Otherwise… well… I’m more of a dog person, to be honest with you…