Mudhoney / Gas Huffer – “You Stupid Asshole” / “Knife Manual”

I’ve written about how much I like both Mudhoney and Gas Huffer before.  So when I ran across this CD copy of their joint single (is it really a single if it has four songs?) from 1992 in the used bin over at Easy Street Records the other day for three bucks, I had to take it home (it also exists on 7″ and 12″ vinyl, but I’m not that picky).

Mudhoney is simply a killer band, and the fact that one of their two tracks is called “You Stupid Asshole” fits.  After all, this is the band that brings you “Douchebags on Parade” on their new album Vanishing Point.  They’ve never been shy about calling it like they see it, and this single is no different.



You stupid asshole,
You know you’re makin’ me sick,
You stupid asshole,
You can suck my dick.
— “You Stupid Asshole”



That pretty much sums it up, I think.  The band also contributes a very 60s style garage instrumental called “March to Fuzz,” inspired by The Sonics most likely.

As for Gas Huffer, they provide a sort of punk country number about arson called “Firebug”:


Well I can’t help it,
When I see your house
I want to burn it to the ground,
Ya done me wrong,
You know you done me wrong,
Now I’m a firebug, I’m a firebug, I’m a firebug!
— “Firebug” 



Their other song is the oddly named “Knife Manual,” which is in fact about someone wanting a knife manual.  Go figure.

At under nine minutes total, this is a supernova of grunge energy and sarcasm and ridiculousness.