HAM – “Sviksemi” / “Tveir Dalir” 7″

We are HAM!!!

I love the Icelandic doom metal band HAM, and I have no idea if they’re serious or just playing a role… and I don’t think I really care.

The “Sviksemi” / “Tveir Dalir” 7″ single was all over Reykjavik last year when we were there for Airwaves, but keep in mind that being “all over” Reykjavik could mean that 50… maybe 100 copies at most were out there in circulation.  The scene in Iceland is small by American standards – the whole country has less people in it that the Seattle metro area.  You can make it into the weekly top ten in album sales by selling dozens of albums.  And that is part of its charm.


I have no idea why “Sviksemi” was chosen as the A side of this thing.  No offense intended to HAM because, after all, they’re HAM (we are HAM!), but if “Dauð Hóra” isn’t the best single off the band’s 2011 record Svik, Harmur Og Dauði then I’ll turn in all my heavy metal albums to the nearest police station and start listening to Kenny Loggins.  Hell, the previously unreleased B side “Tveir Dalir” is better than the A side!  Still, this is a killer little single if you can track it down.