The Heavy Experience – “The Heavy Experience” 10″

One thing you can say for sure about Iceland’s The Heavy Experience – they got the band name right.  Because their sound is heavy.  Like, really heavy.  It’s so heavy I could almost be convinced I was playing it at the wrong speed… but it’s at 45 rpm on my turntable, so unless I’m supposed to speed this sucker up to 78, I’m doing it right (to be clear, the label indicates 45 rpm….).

Though only consisting of two songs, The Heavy Experience still gives you about 16 minutes of music because these tracks are journeys.  Like a journey into a dark cave you found behind a waterfall, where the rocks are damp, the moss think, and the entrance is impossibly dark.  Throw a stone inside and you’ll here it clatter and echo it’s way down for what seems like days.  This is heavy rock from off the beaten path, out in the middle of nowhere, and if you get lost there they may never find your body.  Did I mention it’s heavy?  Well, it is.

The Heavy Experience is a five piece, and both tracks on this 10″ are instrumentals.  That’s normally not my thing, but the music is so deliberate and heavy (heavy!) that it works.  Even the saxophone adds to the depth, giving the songs a haunting feeling that will almost send a shiver down your spine.  You definitely don’t want to doze off on the couch while listening to this, because you’ll probably have some crazy Lord of the Rings-esque dreams involving elves and dark places.

Did I mention that it’s heavy?

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