Purrkur Pillnikk – “Maskínan”

One of the albums I was most excited about picking up on our recent trip to Reykjavik was the post-breakup live record Maskínan by Icelandic OG punks Purrkur PiIllnikk.  Holly generally doesn’t do punk (at all), but the late 70s/early 80s bands out of that musical island paradise appeal to her for some reason.  The fact that Einar Örn of Purrkur Pillnikk later went on to play in KUKL, the Sugarcubes, and most recently with Ghostigital speaks volumes for the importance of boys from Purrkur.  Hell, he’s even a government minister in charge of culture and tourism!  You can’t make this stuff up.


I convinced the guys at Lucky Records to hold a copy of this scarce album for me, and I’m glad I did.  It was worth every kronur.  Maskínan is a live record, featuring songs from two shows – one in March 1981, the other in August 1982.  The sound quality is surprisingly good, and while there is some material here that doesn’t appear on any of their other studio albums… truth be told, you can get the whole thing via digital download on the band’s Í Augum Úti compilation available on iTunes for $19.99, a collection that includes much of their recorded output.  <sigh>  But my name is Jeff, and I’m a vinyl junkie, so I have both the mp3s and the vinyl.  Because that’s how I roll sometimes.  Plus I dig the fold out poster jacket.  Because I’m a geek.

From a purely musical and economic standpoint… go spend the twenty bucks and get yourself some Í Augum Úti.  It totally kicks ass and includes something crazy like 44 songs. But if you’re just a bit crazy and have a record player… hunt this sucker down.

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