Stilluppsteypa + Curver – “Inside AM” / “Make Star Shine” 7″

In my life there have been some types of technology I embraced early on.  I was using an old IBM 386 computer and modem to direct dial other computers to participate in chat boards back in the late 1980s in the days before we had the internet we know today  (when you could actually get a busy signal!), and I bought my first CD player in the days when you could walk into your local Musicland at the mall and go through their entire section of CDs in probably five minutes.  But I was also probably the last person you know who isn’t collecting social security to finally break down and get an ATM card.  And recently I succumbed and opened a PayPal account.  I know, I know.  Welcome to the modern age, you stubborn luddite.


So I needed to break in my PayPal account with a cheap purchase to make sure it was working, so to the interwebs I went and purchased this odd Icelandic noise 7″ from 1994.  As you can see, the purchase went off without a hitch.  So what was it about the Stilluppsteypa + Curver 45 that interested me?  Well, Curver (aka Birgir Örn Thoroddsen) to be blunt.  You may know him as the electronics part of Ghostigital (seen here at their infamous KEX Hostel show at Iceland Airwaves 2012), the best industrial monstrosity putting on shows today.  If Curver is involved, I know it will be interesting.


This is a pretty trippy little 7″.  The beat on “Inside AM” almost sounds like morse code to me… or more like one morse code letter looped over and over and over again.  “Make Star Shine” is a bit more mainstream industrial, though really these might be more experimental electronic since they don’t have that sheer abrasiveness that often defines industrial.  It’s interesting, and I can see some of the elements that later became part of the Ghostigital sound, especially the use of disjointed musical horns – we’ve seen them perform with live horn players at least a couple of times.  So for me this is a cool sort of historical artifact, an early piece by a guy I respect a lot.  While I’d certainly recommend Curver’s more recent projects, this one probably appeals best to the nerds (like me) and serious fans.

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