Milk Cult – “Love God”

milkcultlovegodIs industrial electronic heavy metal a genre?  Because it’s about the only way I feel like I can describe Love God.  This might be what it would sound like if Rob Zombie started collaborating with the Butthole Surfers.  But without any singing (though there is some growling), just music, and noise, and mariachi songs, and car alarms, and clips from old movies.  Sometimes it drives like heavy metal; other times it’s straight industrial; sometimes you’re not sure if it’s being played backwards or forwards; and at least once I thought the record was skipping, but it wasn’t.  To quote the immortal words of Crash Davis, “We’re dealing with a lot of shit.”  Yet despite all the chaos, it works.

Milk Cult was a side project for some of the guys from another band I hadn’t heard of before just now, Steel Pole Bath Tub.  Those dudes were known for playing sort of noise and hardcore, and I can kind of see how that could spin off into something like Milk Cult.  Much of Love God is sampling and downright tape abuse in the production booth, with metal riffs thrown in from time to time to keep it from spinning totally out of control.  The insert that comes with the record makes it seem like it’s a concept album for a fake movie, something to do about blob men.  And again, it fits.  The B side is a bit smoother than the other, though it also has less of those metal riffs and more trippy stuff.

Love God isn’t going to appeal to everyone.  If you’re a pure metal-head, even with the metal elements you might have a hard time connecting with it.  It’s certainly something I’d suggest you listen to before you buy, unless you like randomly rolling the dice like I do.  And if you do listen, you need to hang in there for a minute or two and try a few different tracks to get the feel for it – drop the needle in the “wrong” spot and you might not give it more than a few seconds, and then you’ll be missing out.  It’s worth the time investment.