Miles Davis – “‘Round About Midnight”

Previous posts clearly established that I don’t know crap about jazz, and that I lack a sophisticated enough vocabulary of music terms and descriptors to even superficially write about it.  But despite my ignorance and shortcomings, I continue to pick up the odd Miles Davis album from time to time.  Because they’re really, really good (<– fancy music terminology!).


A few days ago I found a new 2013 mono re-release of Davis’ ‘Round About Midnight, an album recorded an astounding 58 years ago.  How is it possibly still relevant all these years later?  Well, let me assure you that it is, still sounding fresh and interesting despite its age.  This is a bop style of jazz that seems to differentiate from some of the other Davis albums I’ve heard by the emphasis on saxophone and the bass that sounds more up front in the mix than what I’m used to from him.  Of course, when you have John Coltrane on the sax, you better make sure it gets the attention it deserves.  But remember kids, I honestly barely know anything about jazz – my entire “collection” is maybe 10 albums, and at least half of those are Miles Davis. ‘Round About Midnight a bit lighter than some of his other early material (based on my extensive experience… not!), and certainly more traditional that the stuff he started doing in the late 1960s and into the 70s.

While I’m still more partial to Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew‘Round About Midnight is a fantastic record, one sure to get more spins on my turntable.