Lime Spiders – “Slave Girl”

The Australian garage punk band Lime Spiders formed in 1979 and gained some notoriety in their corner of the globe back in the early 1980s, though it doesn’t look like they ever got anything onto vinyl or tape until around 1983.  And like many punk bands, these days they seem to take long periods off before reforming for a one-off show or mini tour.


Released in 1985, Slave Girl is a six song EP of material recorded between 1982-84, including the title track “Slave Girl” which appears to be the band’s most well-known tune.  The songs are remarkably well put together for a quasi garage band, with some particularly fancy guitar playing and Mick Blood’s vocals that sound like he’s channeling a half crazed Alice Cooper (particularly on “Slave Girl”).  They even get almost rockabilly at times, most notably on “Beyond the Fringe” with its catchy riffs.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the late 1970s/early 80s stuff I’ve heard from Australia like Radio Birdman, the Visitors, and now Lime Spiders – the punk bands from there seem a bit more musical than their counterparts in the US and UK, though that could very well be because I’m only hearing the very best from Down Under.  Regardless, I consistently find the Aussie bands to be catchy even when they’re trying to be all punky and edgy, so I’m going to stay on the lookout for more music from the land of Vegimite and Foster’s oil cans.