Fortíð – “Völuspá Part I – Thor’s Anger”

This may qualify as the most random “find” I made on our recent trip to Portland, showing itself at Crossroads Music in the New Arrivals section of seller 666 (for real).  I knew by the cover that it at least had some kind of Icelandic influence, and sure enough it turned out to be from the fabled land of ice and snow and blondes and Saturday nights you can’t remember, Iceland.  Plus it has an axe and a warhammer on the cover, and the title includes the phrase Thor’s Anger.  So you know it’s good.


And what it is is some pretty epic metal.  What subgenre?  Hell, I don’t want to piss off a bunch of people and get emails about how “that isn’t BLACK METAL!!!!”  Maybe it’s black metal… or viking metal… or epic metal.  I can tell that it’s more like steel than aluminum foil though, that’s for sure.  The music is epic and vast, while the vocals have that sort of growled quality that make them hard to understand (yeah, that and the fact that they’re in Icelandic…) but somehow fit the mood.

The Thunder God would be proud.

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