NollkompetenZ – “Back To Basics!” 7″

Hailing from Finspong, Sweden, NollkompetenZ are a self-described Öh! punk band who claim to be “bored with punk… so we make it ourselves…”  Makes sense.  And in the finest punk rock tradition, they DIY it and released the “Back To Basics!” 7″ on their own label.  I couldn’t find a release date on this, but the jacket reverse indicates it was recorded in 2010, so it’s relatively recent.


NollkompetenZ sing in English, and the inside of the jacket includes the lyrics to the five songs on the record.  A quick review shows that they fall into the sort of politico-punk camp – they’re definitely coming at you with a message, one that questions where this world is headed, and the motivations of the people that seem to be leading us there.  Side two opens with a blurb from an old Monsanto ad, so you know where these guys are coming from.


The music is pretty damn good.  Quick pace, but not hardcore, and vocals that are clearly sung so that you can understand them, with the guitar and bass leading the way.  They haven’t released much yet, just a couple of 7″ as near as I can tell, as well as contributing a track to Freedom Punker Volume #18, so their stuff might be a bit hard to track down.  However, a few tracks can be seen/heard in YouTube, so you can check ’em out there.

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