Glamorous Hooligan – “Research and Destroy”

I found this while thumbing through the Miscellaneous G section at Silver Platters the other day, and for $3 I couldn’t pass it up.  I bought a copy of Glamorous Hooligan’s Wasted Youth Club Classics last year and really enjoyed it, plus I’ve been getting more and more into electronic/EDM stuff as of late.


Call it what you will – downtempo, trip hop, or just electronic, the four songs on Research and Destroy are killer, with slower, heavier beats that just groove.  The kind of music you can’t help to move to while it plays.  The B side is my favorite, as it incorporates more vocal sampling, which I like.  “New Age Pension” with its repeated “is there enough space to have time” line is probably my favorite of the four tracks on Research and Destroy, though I’m also partial to the other side B track “Cosmic Trigger Happy,” which has a drum beat that I swear to god is sampled from a Led Zeppelin song, but I just can’t place it precisely and frankly I’m feeling too lazy to look into it any further. But it’s not the typical EDM beat, giving the song a unique sound.

I will definitely be making a point of checking the Miscellaneous G section looking for more Glamorous Hooligan.

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