Tackhead – “Mind at the End of the Tether” (1985)

I like me some Tackhead.

Especially early Tackhead.


I found the Mind at the End of the Tether 12″ the other day at Silver Platters, and since I knew it was one I didn’t have I picked it up.  Turns out that it’s one of their earlier works, dating from 1985, which is even better since I think their earlier stuff was more cutting edge in terms of electro-dub.  There’s just something about that On-U Sound that Adrian Sherwood was producing back the day that’s like a nitro-burning funny car in my veins – it’s funky, it’s got samples, it’s got killer beats.  It’s what I wanted from EDM before I had ever heard of EDM.  Their more recent stuff became less electronica and more funk/dub.  And that’s OK, but for my money the stuff through 1988/89 is the best Tackhead – rawer and less self-conscious.  This 12″ apparently has a mis-labeled B side, and the track on it is actually “King of the Beat,” which makes sense because it’s pure hip hop turntablism and less EDM.  It’s the bomb, maybe even better than the A side.  Pure early hip hop with a healthy dose of scratching.

Get some Tackhead.  Get some.  Right now.

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