Pink Section – “Pink Section”

Pink Section were a short lived art-punk-noise four piece out of San Francisco.  They only left behind two recordings – the “Tour of China” b/w “Shopping” 7″ in 1979 and a five song self-titled EP the following year.  While their output was small and never warranted a CD release, surprisingly a new compilation of their material was just released on vinyl earlier this year.  It includes all seven tracks from their original two records, three previously unreleased demos, and two live songs, one of which was recorded at their first ever performance at the Deaf Club, which was literally a social club for the hearing impaired.


The songs are… well… man, they’re different, that’s for sure.  Punk in attitude, more heavily weighted towards synthy new wave in sound, with some noise and garage elements mixed in.  The opening track “Wine World” might be the most mainstream of the bunch… but calling it mainstream is a real stretch.  “Midsummer New York” is like a completely mad blend of Þeyr and The’s, all frenetic energy and funky musical twists.  “Flat Dog” closes out the side with a more funky approach, but one that has more of that early 80s post-punk weirdness.  Musically is jarring and a bit disorienting, like a demented dreams you sometimes have after too much Nyquil, the ones that involve evil clowns, a jack-in-the-box, and some cutlery.  The B side brings some male vocals to the front (Pink section was comprised of two men and two women), getting kind of groovy in a lounge-y sort of way on “Part Time” before wrapping up with “Francine’s List,” an homage to the clothes in Francine’s closet and the most interesting song on the record (and not just because it references push-up bras).

I’m glad I found this album, and it’s also cool to know that Pink Section’s body of work is once again available, because there’s some interesting stuff going on here.  I’d strongly recommend the new comp, both because it’s cheaper than buying the original recordings and it’s got a lot more music on it.  So keep your eyes open for it when flipping through the Miscellaneous P section, and buy it if you see it.

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