Auðn – “Auðn” (2014)

audnThe lack of a decent cassette player didn’t seem to have any impact on my purchasing of tapes, and I slowly amassed a pile of unlistened-to cassettes on my desk.  Fortunately an old-school Denon mini-cassette player component from an old bookshelf system came across my path, and I’ve been rocking cassettes almost non-stop for a couple of days now.

One of my recent acquisitions was a black metal tape by the Icelandic band Auðn.  This self-titled release originally came out on CD last year, but a limited edition (hand numbered, of 200) cassette version was put out this year, and when I found a copy on eBay for five bucks I figured why not (last I checked, the same seller had another copy listed for the same price… so now’s your chance!).  Auðn is faster and more obviously tormented than the Irish black metal by Ordnance and Spermicidal I listened to the other day, more in line with the classic bands of the genre, though still with melodic components.  Check out “Þjáning heillar þjóðar” to get a full sense of their range wrapped up into one song.

I’m not sure why there’s so much great metal coming out of Iceland these days… maybe it was always there and there just wasn’t enough distribution; I don’t know.  Regardless, the scene looks to be gaining momentum, and I for one am glad.  You can check out the whole thing for free HERE, so give it a listen.

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