UTA Trax & Burnin’ – “UTA Trax / Burnin'” (2015)

This is a split cassette featuring artists UTA Trax and Burnin’.  It’s another cool electronica release by Utah label Hel Audio and was part of the group of local items I picked up at Salt Lake City’s Diabolical Records a few weeks back.


I seriously dig the four tracks by UTA Trax.  Part of this is because I seem more drawn to electronica that utilizes vocal sampling (which may also explain my affinity for some dub releases more than others), but there are some pretty solid beats and interesting pace changes too.  It all comes together best on “The Game,” a cool house number with changing beat structures and a recurring “In the game / In the moment” sample, a song I could listen to on a continuous loop for probably 20 minutes or so.  “Keep Grinding” is another winner, with a faster pace and richer, denser sound that seems to come from a bit of echo/reverb.  UTA Trax is right in my wheelhouse.

Burnin’ brings six songs to the party, and I’m partial to the steady, mid-tempo beats of “Endurance.”  I”m also a big fan of the sort of industrial-dub of “Can’t Deny,” arguably the most aggressive of the tape’s 10 songs.

You can listen to the entire tape for free and buy your own cassette copy HERE, so go give these two a listen ($5 for the download, $6 for the tape and download).

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