MC 900 ft Jesus with DJ Zero – “Too Bad” EP (1988)

mc900ftjesuswithdjzeroI got turned on to MC 900 ft Jesus back in 1989 thanks to a Rolling Stone review of his debut LP Hell with the Lid Off.  It sounded too compelling to pass up so I went right out and bought a copy of the CD.  I have no idea what eventually happened to it, but I did give it quite a few plays for a couple of years, my first foray into the less standard forms of hip hop and some peeking around the corner at industrial.  It would be a while until I more fully embraced the latter (and by “a while” I mean about 25 years), but MC 900 ft Jesus opened my ears and mind up to different ways of doing music.

I’ve been looking for a vinyl copy of Hell with the Lid Off without much success, but the other day I did come across MC 900 ft Jesus’ first release, 1988s four-song self-titled EP with DJ Zero.  Three of the four songs made it onto the LP (the lone exception being “Do I Have Any Witness”), though I suspect the versions are different as they show with differing run times on Discogs.  Eventually I’ll get my hands on Hell with the Lid Off and can see (listen) for myself.

“Born with Monkey Asses” is by far the weirdest thing on Too Bad, a song that draws all of its vocal elements from a very pissed off, potty-mouthed lady who is going off at some kind of meeting and talking all kinds of crap.  It’s truly bizarre the way MC 900 takes this woman’s rant and puts it to music.  And I mean bizarre in a good way.  “Shut Up” is probably the most classically hip hop song on Too Bad, with some recognizable samples and a healthy dose of scratching.

I could listen to Too Bad over and over again.  I need to make a more concerted effort to look for MC 900 records and singles when I’m out and about, because his stuff still sounds fresh today.

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