The Advent – “New Beginnings” (1997)

adventnewbeginningsI’ve run across albums by The Advent many times before, but until recently had always passed them by.  I don’t seem to see as much techno in the stores out here in Seattle (maybe I’m just not looking in the right places), and often the prices on used vinyl are too high for me to justify paying for something I haven’t heard before.  But the other day I found a clean 1997s New Beginnings double album in the “New Arrivals” section of one of my regular haunts, and the price was right, so I finally took the plunge into The Advent.

And I’m glad I did, because New Beginnings is some pretty awesome house/techno.  The album opens with “Armageden,” and it had me thinking this was actually more toward the industrial side of the spectrum with the way it used staticy, raspy samples that gave it a bit of a metallic edge.  But from there it grooved into a much more straight-forward house album with steady beats and consistent, simple flourishes that make it easy to trance out to, at least for the rest of the first record.  Side C opens with “House Seed” which kicks up the tempo considerably and adds in vocal samples, something that was absent from three of the four songs on the A/B disc, and does so with greet success.  The C/D material is a bit heavier sounding in general, and a bit “busier” as well with more stuff surrounding the underlying beats.  It would be tough to say that one record is better than the other, though, as it more comes down to exactly what kind of mood you’re in.

Holly gives The Advent two thumbs up, and I think this will be a go-to for nights when we’re in the mood to get our techno on.

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