RVK Soundsystem – “Formaðurinn” 7″ (2015)

rvksoundsystemAs soon as I saw on Facebook that RVK Soundsystem was putting out a 7″ record I shot an email over to my friends at Reykjavik’s Lucky Records to put a copy on hold for pickup when we were in town for Airwaves.  We’d first seen RVK Soundsystem live last year and loved their traditional style of reggae/dub/dancehall, complete with toasters.  According to the band’s Facebook page only 30 copies of this 7″ were released, and the record comes in a plain white sleeves that are individually numbered at the top right (though the numbering does not show any indication of the number of copies produced).  I got lucky #13.

As near as I can tell members of Icelandic reggae groups Amaba Dama and Ojba Rasta contributed to the tracks, and you can listen to both for free HERE at the RVK Soundsystem Soundcloud page.  I’ll probably try to get this input into Discogs so people at least have an idea that it exists, though I suspect it will primarily appeal to die-hard record collectors due to its severely limited release run.

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