Stilluppsteypa – “Stilluppsteypa” (1992)

stilluppsteypaStilluppsteypa was a three piece punk band formed in Iceland back in 1992, and the Stilluppsteypa 7″ appears to have been their first release, coming out that same year.  The whole package has a heavy DIY vibe, from the hand-printed front and back covers, to the four page ‘zine like insert stapled to the jacket, to the fact that the record itself is a fairly thick and robust flexi disc.  It’s a very thoughtful presentation.

Musically Stilluppsteypa is some raw, noisy punk rock, sort of all over the board.  “Þriggja Laga Hliðin” is a pretty bad-ass old school number, sloppy as hell with raspy vocals.  There are elements of noise throughout the five songs, places where the structure simply breaks down and becomes nothing more than grating audio.  “Fjallræðan” sounds like it was recorded in the bottom of an oil drum, while “Sjálfstæðistefnan” feels like it was recorded inside some old echoey church by a microphone located a hundred feet away.

Stilluppsteypa is weird for sure, and you can already hear early on the band is interested in the abstract/experimental sides of music which came to define their later work.

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