Sonus Futurae – “Þeir Sletta Skyrinu….Sem Eiga Það” (1982)

sonusfuturaeSonus Futurae did their best to squeeze as many of the early 1980s musical elements as possible into their six-song 1982 release Þeir Sletta Skyrinu….Sem Eiga Það.  Super basic synths?  Check.  Deliberate vocal delivery?  Check.  Saxophone?  Check.

It’s not as simple as all that, though.  The album opens with the sort of Kraftwerk-y “Myndbandið,” but that’s followed by the almost Billy Joel-like delivery of “Samtök 69,” which in turn gives way to the more new wave-ish “Laser.”  There are sounds that remind you a bit of Devo, other times it’s the Buggles.  It’s all there mixed up onto one slab of vinyl, and done quite well – while the songs vary a bit in terms of their influences, they’re internally consistent and don’t fall apart into a group of pieces that don’t fit together.

Þeir Sletta Skyrinu….Sem Eiga Það just sort of feels like the kind of album that might have been very important in the Icelandic music scene in 1982, exposing budding future musicians to some different musical concepts.  Of course, that could just be wishful thinking on my part, though Dr. Gunni in his book Blue Eyed Pop:  The History of Popular Music in Iceland does refer to the album as “wonderful,” so maybe there’s at least a little truth there.

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