Fufanu – “Few More Days to Go” (2015)

fufanufewmoredaystogoWait, didn’t I just write about a 2015 Fufanu release a little over a month ago?  In fact I did.  The band released a four song EP back in July, and then just over four months later put out their debut LP, Few More Days to Go.  I feel certain I saw this long-player while in Reykjavik for Airwaves in early November, though somehow I didn’t end up with a copy in my record bag and only brought Adjust to the Light home with me.  Holly absolutely loved that record, so I sent a quick email off to my friends over at Lucky Records and ordered a copy of Few More Days to Go (along with some other Icelandic nuggets, including the new live Bubbi & DIMMA CD/DVD).  Nine of the ten tracks are new to this record, with the excellent “Blinking” appearing on both of the band’s 2015 releases.

Fufanu’s sound is very full and dense – no empty space, no silent moments to mark a transition, just a wall of swaying, wave-like sound, sort of like those first couple of seconds when you’re just transitioning from consciousness to sleep.  But that’s not to say that Fufanu is soothing.  At times the music takes on an abrasive edge to it, at others slowly building rhythms approaching the point of incessantness before backing off at the last moment.  It’s sort of a post-punk meets darkwave, Joy Division meets Depeche Mode, but without out being overtly derivative.

If I’m picking favorites here, “Blinking” feels like the song most likely to blow up and attract all kinds of attention – it’s simply a great, catchy pop song.  “Ballerina in the Rain” is perhaps the most retro in that it a super-heavy early to mid 1980s vibe to it.  There’s a specific element to this song that reminds me of another… but for the life of me I can’t think of what it is.  “Northern Gannet” rounds out my personal Top 3, with its precise krautrocky vocals and deliberate structure.

“The Foof,” as we often refer to them in the Life in the Vinyl Lane household (“Put on that new record by The Foof”), have been attracting fair amount of attention for a while now, even making the Rolling Stone “New Artists You Need to Know” back in October 2014, and with 13 songs out in 2015 they might be ready to start taking over the world.  A few of their songs are on the band’s Soundcloud page, and you can hear clips of their stuff on iTunes as well.

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