Aska – “Grátónar” (2015)

askagratonar_2How is it possible that I still have records that I bought at Airwaves in early November on my “To Listen To” shelf?  Hell, I still have one from Paris there too, and we were there before Iceland.  <sigh>  That’s the life of the vinyl junkie.  The struggle is real.

Tonight we’re spinning another relatively new release from Iceland, Aska’s Grátónar.  OK, truth be told it’s almost a year old.  I’m sorry.  There’s only so much time in the day and so many kronur in my bank account.  We’ve actually listened to this already, but it went back onto the shelf because I wanted to post a little somethin’ somethin’ about it, and tonight felt right, so back onto the turntable it went.

Grátónar is electro-darkwave, with very simple late 1970s style synths (a limited number of notes, all held for prolonged periods) and vocals that sound like their coming from inside your empty stomach, echoing inside your skull in a sort of slurred, haunting way.  This record is a goddamn trip, I’ll tell you that.  I won’t lie, I had to double check the speed against the Aska Bandcamp page (HERE) just to make sure I hadn’t drunk too much Nyquil or something (in fact, I had not).  It’s dark and slow and sludgy and weirdly heavy in a sort of high pitched synthy kind of way, perfect for drinking in the dark, your face lit by just a laptop monitor.

One more Icelandic record, and another from Paris, are all that remain from the trip (excluding, of course, some CDs…).  But have no fear my loyal readers… I already have more records waiting in the wings…

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