:Krakow: – “Krakow” (2012)

krakowHoly crap, I’m almost done with the vinyl we brought back from Paris and Reykjavik in October/November.  I think Krakow is the second-to-last record from that batch, another of the surprise non-Icelandic recommendations made by my friend Ingvar at Lucky Records.  Ingvar knows I like 1980s style synth pop, and Krakow was one of the records he pressed into my sweaty palms a couple of months ago.

Hardly the first band going by this name, I was hard pressed to find out much about :Krakow:, though I’ll freely admit I didn’t look terribly hard – Life in the Vinyl Lane has been out of town doing some travel for work, and a Friday night at this point can only mean cocktails and music, not research and literary brilliance.  So with that in mind, I’m enjoying a Jack on the rocks while A View to a Kill plays silently on the TV with a German synth pop soundtrack by :Krakow:.  Which, with some slight variance in cocktails, movies, and music, sounds like a pretty good way to spend every evening fro the rest of my life.

Krakow came out in 2012, a six-song vinyl quasi-EP limited (250 hand-numbered copies) record.  If you’re down with a sort of 1980s synth-pop-on-meth kind of sound (the pace is quick, yet still deliberate), :Krakow: is for you… just like it’s for me.  The songs have an urgent simplicity that makes them both catchy and relaxing in their consistency, a steady soundtrack to your evening.

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