Bubbi & MX-21 – “Skapar Fegurðin Hamingju?” (1987)

bubbimx21skaparI ordered this record along with an album by the Icelandic metal band Bootlegs from my buddy Reynir over at Reykjavik Record Shop.  Normally stuff from Iceland takes about 10 days to get here, but this one was a no-show for close to a month before it finally hit my doorstep.  Which would have been a great ending to the story had the postman not put it on my front porch exposed to the rain during a storm.  Fortunately both records seem to have dried out with no obvious damage.

Bubbi & MX-21 only released a handful of songs, all of which came out in 1987.  They contributed one track to the Skytturnar soundtrack, and then followed that up with this two song 12″ Skapar Fegurðin Hamingju?  The title track is a kind of soft rocker, but the B side is the gem, the rockabilly number “Búgí-Vúgí Elskhuginn” with its great guitar work and Bubbi’s excellent and raspy vocal flow.  Check it out.

Ultimately this one is more of a collector’s record given the cost, but “Búgí-Vúgí Elskhuginn” could be worth the price if rockabilly is your thing.

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