Dead Skeletons – “Live In Berlin” (2016)

So good.

I was stoked to hear that the Icelandic psych band Dead Skeletons had new vinyl release coming out this year, even more so because it’s a live album.  We’ve been fans of artist Jón Sæmundur Auðarson for years, and I even have a few of his screened prints done on records hanging on my walls.  His musical project, Dead Skeletons, is some trippy-ass psych and pretty damn awesome, so I made sure to pre-order Live In Berlin.


Released by Fuzz Club, there are multiple versions of this on vinyl.  It’s a three-sided double album, the fourth side being a screen print of the band.  I can’t unravel all the different versions… sounds like there’s a white splatter edition of 1,000, a black with yellow splatter edition of 300 (hand numbered on the reverse… this is the one I have), and a hyper-limited black release in an edition of 10.  It’s all very complicated.  I can’t even keep track of all these random editions.

Regardless of the complicated nature of Live In Berlin, it’s pretty fantastic.  In fact, it’s some pretty heavy, deep psych, a la Singapore Sling or something.  Some Joy Division here too, maybe a touch of Mallevs.  It just sounds good, man.  Heavy and rich and deep and trippy.  You can check out the whole thing live HERE, and if you ever find yourself in Reykjavik, do yourself a favor and track down Auðarson’s gallery HERE.  You might just come home with some cool stuff.

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