Gasoline – “Fake to Fame” (2001)

gasolinefaketofameThere’s just something about Japanese lo-fi and garage performers… they’re so earnest and so massively into what they’re doing that it makes me want to listen to them.  Gasoline is one of those bands, and 2001s Fake to Fame is one of those records.  I found this while flipping through the punk section at Amoeba Music a few weeks back, and as I’m sure you can imagine it was the cover that made me stop for a minute.  Turns out there’s a sort of local tie for me here too as Fake to Fame was released by Estrus Records, which is just up the highway a bit in Bellingham, Washington. (♠)  I also lucked out and got the first pressing on green vinyl as an added bonus.

“Man’s Man’s Time” is a dirty rotten little ditty and I just can’t get enough of its lo-fi roots rock with vocals that sound like they’re straight out of Eric Burdon and War’s “Spill the Wine.”  Bizarrely enough that’s followed by what can be best described as a free jazz number, “Cool Kidding Part 1.”  Fake to Fame is one of those records that you can never quite fully grasp, constantly slipping through your fingers like beads of mercury.  The vocals seem to be mainly in English, but some Japanese as well, so even if you’re one of those people who doesn’t care for signing in languages other than English you’ll find this one to be approachable.

(♠)  Estrus Records was founded by Dave Crider, guitarist for local “Seattle area” garage rockers The Mono Men.

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