Andi – “Andi” (2016)

andicassetteThose crazy folks at Lady Boy Records are at it again, putting out another tape of electronic deliciousness and divesting me of some of my hard-earned cash.  Lest you think that I live some type of glamorous, free-music-getting freeloading lifestyle that sees my mailbox constantly overflowing with free stuff… well, I don’t, and it’s not.  I buy this stuff; I’ve probably bought 99% of the stuff that has been on the blog, with most of the rest coming as gifts from friends.  And at this point I have the entire Lady Boy catalog in physical form (♠), all paid for, because that’s how strongly I feel about what these guys are doing.

The newest Lady Boy release is entitled Andi, by the artist who goes by the name Andi. (♣)  And it’s probably my favorite thing the label has put out to date, which is saying something because I love Old Stories by russian.girls and that fantastic CD by Slugs.  But Andi takes the cake.

I’m not going to give you a song-by-song breakdown of Andi.  Let’s just say it makes me think of electronic disco, in all the best meanings of both of those terms.  There are definitely some stringed instruments included in the mix that at times gives it a classical feel, but the synths and changing beats keep the entire thing fresh and upbeat throughout.    The bottom line is that Andi is a fun album to listen to.  And music is supposed to be enjoyable, so embrace that.

Give Andi a listen HERE.  It looks like there are still copies of the physical cassette (limited edition of 50) available for purchase as well, so if you like what you hear, how about you help out the Lady Boy crew and buy a copy.  There are a lot of great indie micro labels like Lady Boy out there, and if we want to keep hearing the kinds of things they’re able to put out, we need to put our money where our mouths (or keyboards) are.

(♠)  OK, I have everything except for the Rainbows in Micronesia laser engraved tangerine. Because it’s a tangerine, so…

(♣)  Aka Andri Eyjolfsson.

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