Fræbbblarnir – “Bjór” 7″ (1981)

fraebbblarnirbjorI never got much into the 7″ scene, but recently I’ve been buying more early Icelandic punk 7″ records, probably because I have most of the EPs/LPs at this point.  As for Fræbbblarnir, last year I picked up their first one, 1980s False Death, and 1981s Warkweld in the West 12″ EP, and at Airwaves I got the chance at the third, Bjór.

Bjór feels a little less tongue-in-cheek than Fræbbblarnir’s other 1981 release, Warkweld in the West, though it does include songs called “Critical Bullshit” and “Masturbation Music for the Future,” so it’s hardly serious.  Musically, however, it’s clearly in the punk/post-punk realm, a bit on the darker side for punk but not quite morose enough for post-punk.  Probably the best of the band’s three early 7″ records.

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