Stroff – “Stroff” (2015)

stroffStroff have been around since 2012, and somehow they’ve escaped my notice all these years.  My friend Ingvar put a copy of their 2015 self-titled release in my hands at Airwaves this year, though, and rectified that problem.

The vibe is indie/alt rock, though I definitely get some 1970s rock sensibility from these guys along with perhaps a hint of shoegaze.  At times I’m reminded a bit of the Doors (at least on one song), but also of Cake.  But, you know, shoegaz-ey.  Is that wrong?  I don’t know, but the vibe is pretty groovy in a very literally sense, as I find myself really grooving out to the seven songs on Stroff.  The guitars are dreamy and don’t feel constrained to some rigid song structure, a bit free to wander about hither and yon.

I feel like the intensity builds as Stroff progresses, the music becoming more insistent and the vocals at time reaching into the Kurt Cobain nethersphere, particularly on side B.  It’s an interesting record, and one that feels like it will benefit from repeated listens.

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