Panos From Komodo – “A Safe And Convenient Place To Live Where The Sky Is Blue And All Your Dreams Come True” (2016)

IMG_0099Lady Boy Records does things a bit differently.  Their 16 releases include a vacuum-pack-sealed CD, a lathe-cut square plastic record, a laser-etched tangerine (or was it a blood orange) with a download code on it, and a release that included an app that would blend the ambient tracks to fluctuations in air pressure in real time as measured by the Icelandic Meteorological Institution.

Well, this time they put out a cassette.  Which in and of itself isn’t that interesting, and certainly not unusual.  But this one comes with an accompanying CD.  OK, different, but not bizarre.  But the CD includes versions of the songs on the tape.  Except all played on the pan flute.


It’s OK.  I’ll wait while you digest that fully.


Panos From Komodo play some psych-shoegaze-heavy-fuzzy noise that hits you like you’re hearing it wearing a fish tank on your head.  Distorted and weird and lo-fi and smelling slightly of chlorine, because, you know, the fish tank and everything.  But damn they rock.  Which sounds so lame like it’s 1985 me talking, but hey, they do, so whatever.  Bite me.

Only 50 copies of this sucker, but you can still get ’em from the label.  Or listen to it free HERE.

Did I mention that the tape comes with a CD of all the songs, but played on the pan flute? Because it does.  No, really.

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