Sleater-Kinney – “Live In Paris” (2017)

While I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area since the mid-1980s, I feel I can safely claim near complete ignorance to the Sleater-Kinney catalog.  I say this with neither pride nor embarrassment; it’s simply a fact.  I feel like I’ve been aware of them for a million years, but just never seemed to cross paths with their music despite being a big fan of Portlandia, which stars Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein and had one of the greatest show intros of all time for its first season:

Despite my Sleater-Kinney ignorance (♠) I was excited to hear that Sub Pop was releasing this live album.  As my 2016 year-end best of lists probably show, I’ve been getting more and more into female bands in recent years, so the prospect of some live riot grrrl style punk from Sleater-Kinney felt like something I had to pick up.


Live In Paris is put together like a bootleg, a plain white cardboard jacket with black-and-white photocopier-quality front and back covers glued on.  While the sound quality is excellent, it took me a couple of songs to get into the groove, but “What’s Mine Is Yours” struck a chord with me, and the next track “A New Wave” took me to the promised land.  Sleater-Kinney are fairly stripped down, at times a bit discordant but at others all pure pop-punky goodness, and I’m down with their sound.

I probably should write more about Live In Paris, but it’s been a long week, and I just want to sink into the couch and let the tunes wash over me.  So I’ll leave it at this – it’s some great stuff, and definitely worth your musical attention.

(♠)  Though, to be fair I have driven by the exit for Sleater Kinney Road on I-5, from which the band takes it’s name, many a time.

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