The Arms Of Someone New – “Every Seventh Wave” (1988)

armsofsomeonenewI don’t know squat about The Arms Of Someone New, other than that they came out of the Chicago area and were doing some new wavy stuff in the mid-1980s.  Their Every Seventh Wave EP was a completely random purchase on my part – it looked cool, it was cheap, and Discogs described it as synth-pop and darkwave.  So done, done, and done.

The A side is given over to two versions of “Every Seventh Wave,” a song released in 1988 that sounds like it was from 5-6 years prior.  You’ve got those early new wave synths and vocals that are sort of half-spoken-half-sung, reminiscent of what some European new wave bands were doing, or even of a sort of stripped down version of Devo.  The B side opens with the dreamy, shoegazey “The Sense Of An Ending,” followed by “Everything At Once” which reminds me a bit of a slow Depeche Mode number.

The A side is the strength of this EP, though the whole thing is pretty good.  It’s a tad dated, but that’s to be expected, and given the seeming renewed interested in early 80s synth jams Every Seventh Wave could attain the status of a cult classic.

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