Thunderpussy – “Velvet Noose” b/w “No Heaven” (2017)

My first encounter with Seattle’s Thunderpussy was at Iceland Airwaves 2016.  Ironically it wasn’t at one of their performances; we ended meeting some of the band at The Sonics‘ show at KEX Hostel on the festival’s opening night as all of us were there to see Tacoma’s original garage-rockers.  We caught the ladies live a couple of nights later at Harpa (below) and they didn’t disappoint, delivering a solid hard rock set that was entertaining to both hear and see.  While most of the focus was on singer Molly Sides and guitarist Whitney Petty, I couldn’t get enough of the sound coming from bassist Leah Julius.  We ran into drummer Ruby Dunphy the next morning at a coffee shop where she shyly accepted our heaping praise for their set.  They definitely impressed.


We’re not their only fans, though, as Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready signed the band to put out their first single on his HockeyTalkter Records label about a month ago.  The 7″ comes in two versions – one gold, the other black with gold splatter, and both include a cool poster of the band.  McCready also contributes a bit musically, providing some guitar and backing vocals on “Velvet Noose” and guitar, percussion, and piano on “No Heaven”.


Both tunes are classic rockers, though “No Heaven” taking a bit more of a blues-rock route initially before kind of transitioning into a bit of a country-rocker in the middle, then closing out as a straight rock jam.  I probably prefer it to the A side for this very reason – it’s definitely a more intriguing tune because the changes of pace re-focus your ear to what you’re hearing.

Thunderpussy have been getting a lot of love in the Seattle area from KEXP, and with McCready in their corner they’re poised to make a jump to the next level.  The “Velvet Noose” 7″ is your chance to get in on the ground floor so you’ll be able to tell all the other kids how you were way into Thunderpussy before they got big and all that.

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