The Elements – “Honest Enough” (1985)

elementshonestenoughThis is another record that came to me from my buddy Steve’s collection and one I bought simply because it was Seattle related.  Green Monkey Records was putting out local artists  back before Sub Pop was officially a label, starting with the Local Product comp tape in 1983 and just recently announcing their 100th release.  I wrote about one of their vinyl comps a while back, and I don’t often come across the label’s early stuff.

I don’t have a lot of info about The Elements, though I do apparently have bassist Scott Keeney’s old phone number since it’s written on the back of the jacket.  Their style is that sort of transitional indie/college rock, the stuff that would later become the dreaded “Alternative”.  The foundation is rock ‘n’ roll, with elements of punk and jangle pop.  It’s like The Replacements meets Radio Birdman meets Beat Happening meets Violent Femmes.  It all comes together flawlessly on “Rappasplat”, a perfect blending of styles capped off by quirky vocals.  The Elements’ influences appear to be wide ranging and they blend genres effortlessly throughout Honest Enough, like the 1960s psych and folk rock influenced “Somewhere In Time”, a song that still manages to retain a modern aesthetic while staying within the band’s overall vibe.  And their country inspired tribute to their favorite shoes, “Loafers”, is pure ridiculous fun.

There’s so much great music out there, bands that just never got that one break.  And I’m going to keep looking for them, one record at a time.

Long live The Elements!

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