Fascia / Decanter – “Fascia / Decanter” (2017)

falkfasciadecanterI was very excited by the announcement earlier this year that our friends at FALK were putting out a split release of the artists Fascia and Decanter on vinyl.  It’s the second split release Decanter has done with the label, the other being the a tape put out with AAIIEENN called Vertices / Travel, so I had at least an idea of what I was in for.

Fascia hit me in the back of the skull with brass knuckles of horror soundtrack beats on “Nakd”.  These are the sounds where building tension has started to give way to “oh, the murderer is just about to strike” in the B-movie slashers many of us grew up with.  Deep, resonating, angular and sharp, it’s death by a thousand small cuts in your mind.  “Turist” is more geared for the dance floor, a deep groover that uses a white-hot high pitched pulse beat over the top of the rich low end, adding and removing sonic components discretely – no big release here, just the low, weighty undulation of waves in the open ocean.

Decanter keeps it deep with “Chordates” and the pulsing beat you’d expect to hear while dancing in an impossibly dark basement at two in the afternoon on a cloudless burner of a summer day, textures of deep purple velvet with hints of burning hot orange on the fringes. (♠)  “RFE2” is a bit more trippy and less beat focused with the high end sounds hitting the bottom like drops of water, and “Thagomizer” completes the three-song transition from groovy to experimental, buzzing around on the border with industrial.

Only 50 of these suckers were made, so if you want one you better go make it happen HERE at the FALK Bandcamp site.

(♠)  This seemed to make sense when I wrote it… seems a bit weird after seeing it again, but there it is.

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