Teengenerate – “Audio Recording” 10″ (1993)

teengenerateaudirecordingI like Japanese punk, and I love 10″ records, so I bought Audio Recording without even giving it a second thought.  It wasn’t until I sat down to play it for the first time that I realized it actually has a Seattle tie as well – the record was recorded here in 1993 at none other than Audio Recording, the same studio that laid down albums by some of the all-time proto-punk greats like The Sonics and The Kingsmen, as well as band called Bone Cellar that included on guitar a guy I used to know named Dave Keppel.  Small world.

The guys manage to cram 11 songs onto this 10″, a half dozen of which are covers from the likes of The Zeros, The Pretty Things, Radio Birdman, and Chuck Berry.  Whether playing a cover or an original, Teengenerate infuse the song with speed and sleaze and fuzz.  You can almost feel the needle pegging out just like it is on the jacket, frying the edges or recording capability and your mind in equal measure.  This isn’t a record you want to overthink; just drop the needle and let ‘er rip.

It appears there are at least two versions of the vinyl for Audio Recording – one black, the other bright blue.  There may also be a label variation since I saw something with a weird A side label on Popsike.