Sigaretturnar – “Engann Veginn Nettur / Filterslausir Kossar” 7″ (2017)

sigaretturnarI was sitting at work the other day, working on yet another in a seemingly endless parade of spreadsheets, when I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye.  It was the screen on my phone coming to life because I got a message through Facebook.  Always eager for a distraction, I was surprised to see it was from my compadre Daði in Iceland.  We hadn’t connected in a while, and while I figured it was probably something about the upcoming Iceland Airwaves music festival he was actually letting me know that an American seller had listed a copy of the Sigaretturnar’s super limited 7″ “Engann Veginn Nettur / Filterslausir Kossar”.  And thanks to the power of technology within a two minute period I saw that message, bought the item on Discogs, paid for it with PayPal, sent a thank you note to Daði, and was back to trying to figure out what was causing my VLOOKUP formula to return some #N/A values in Excel.

Reykjavik’s vegan Kaffi Vinyl has become quite the player in Iceland’s vinyl scene, putting out a bunch of lathe cut limited edition 7″ records over the last year or so.  I wrote about some of these earlier in a post about BÓNUS PLÖTUR, and I’ve been trying to grab copies whenever I can find them, which is of course difficult because I live 5,000 miles away and there’s an ocean and everything.  Turns out this copy made it to the US via someone who had been in Reykjavik for a wedding, which was good news for me.

The record is cut onto clear plastic, something I’m not a huge fan of – I’m always paranoid that it will mess with my stylus.  But that’s not going to deter me from giving this thing at least one spin around the old Rega.  Elements of dub, hip hop, and leftfield techno are blended together, with some of the underlying rapping reminding me more than a little of some of Gísli Pálmi’s more distorted songs.  Some pretty good stuff.

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