Space Cadaver – “Space Cadaver” (2017)

WTF Space Cadaver?  Where have you been all my life???


I picked up this radioactively hot slab of plastic at Skully’z Recordz in New Orleans last week.  As soon as we walked in I asked the guy behind the counter if he had any local metal or punk and he started talking about Space Cadaver before sheepishly saying, “oh yeah, but I think we only have it on cassette.”

Me:  “That’s OK man because I have a tape player.”


Smiles all around.

These guys’ sludge/doom game is killing it, sort of Clutch meets Tad meets No Stayer.  The riffs are flat-out filthy – “Storm” is like being pinned to the ground by a two ton heavy thing while some black metal singer rages at you… did I mention the riffs?  These f’ing riffs??? Hot damn man.

We’re three songs deep and Mrs. Life in the Vinyl Lane, who is generally somewhat ambivalent about metal, just asked me for the third time, “have I mentioned recently how good this is?”  Two out of two Life in the Vinyl Lane household members agree that Space Cadaver will shake your filling loose and you’ll love every second of their sonic dentistry.

This thing just came out in July and my only regret is that it took me two months to find it, because that’s two months during which Space Cadaver could have been in my life but weren’t.  It’s that rad.  Go to their Bandcamp page right now and listen to it.  It’ll melt your face and strip the paint from your walls.

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