Grit Teeth – “Let It Be” (2017)

First things first.  My dog does not like Grit Teeth’s Let It Be.

Trigger is generally a pretty good sport about music.  No matter the volume or genre, if he’s in his bed on the living room floor he’ll stay there.  But as soon as “Intro” kicked in his head shot up, ears pinned back a little, with a look on his face that communicated, “seriously, WTF is this?” (♠)  He was good for the rest of the album, but that track set him on high alert.


Reykjavik’s Grit Teeth describe themselves as “old world crust punk and piercing black ’n’ death metal flourishes”.  I’m definitely feeling that black metal vibe here, particularly in the drumming, and the vocals fall somewhere between the extreme metal growl and hardcore screaming, so these influences are certainly apparent.  Pace changes on songs like “Warchests” drop onto you like a huge concrete block, like slamming your face into the airbag when your car goes from highway speed to rear-ending the one in front of it.

Grit Teeth can bring the heavy and plodding, but they’re at their best when they’re lightning fast like on “Sword and Shield”, a blistering 47 second assault on your ears and sanity.  Same with “The Fall”, which comes at you with the same speed as the approaching ground as you’re falling towards it, and like reaching the ground it will also leave you feeling splintered and broken when it’s over.  “Snowed In” is the most hardcore track, nothing but breakneck speed and angst.

At 10 songs and only 17 minutes Let It Be is a sonic raid on the village that is your mind, leaving the whole thing a smoldering pile of debris and wondering what the hell happened.  You can give it a listen HERE, as well as pick up a copy on vinyl while supplies last, which probably won’t be long because this thing is killer.

(♠)  I played the album twice and got the same reaction both times.

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