Egyptian Lover – “Egyptian Lover 1983-1988” Box Set (2016)

egyptianloverboxsetWhen our friend Ingvar was visiting a few weeks ago our evening conversations pretty much always turned to music.  And following one of these discussions, on Saturday morning when we headed out to downtown Seattle to do some record shopping he had a mission in mind:  “I’m finding you some ‘Egyptian Lover'”.

And Ingvar came through, spying a copy of the Egyptian Lover 1983-1988 Box Set on the wall at Silver Platters later that day, a collection of 4 12″ records that basically include the Lover’s first couple of albums and then some.  He insisted we spin some of it that night, and it took about five seconds to see that Holly was in love (with Egyptian Lover, not Ingvar).  So I knew the first time I offered to play this thing in full start to finish that she’d be on board.

Let’s be clear – Egyptian Lover is rad.  Like seriously rad.  It’s got scratching and beats and raps.  It’s sexy and silly, but always kickin’.  It’s everything I loved about hip hop from back in the day when we still all called it rap.  And with the tracks given the 12″ treatment and no more than three songs per side there’s plenty of width and depth in the grooves to give you that funky bass.  “What Is A DJ If He Can’t Scratch” indeed!

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