Iceland Airwaves 2017 – Day 5

We didn’t do much on the final day of Iceland Airwaves this year.  A big storm blew through town so it was both rainy and windy, and frankly we were all a bit spent after the marathon session at the Art Museum the night before.  We caught a few songs by the synth-punk performer Rex Pistols over at Lucky Records early in the day before hunkering down for a bit to hide from the weather.  Finally we got a bit stir crazy and popped over to Dillon to catch a few early evening sets.


In keeping with the old school Icelandic punk vibe the first show we saw at Dillon was by Fræbbblarnir, who may very well be the first punk outfit ever in Iceland.  The band was tight and played a fun set.  It felt like most of the folks crammed into the upstairs room at Dillon were locals, because they seemed to know the words to most of their songs.  After their set I finally connected with Life in the Vinyl Lane reader Paul, which was cool – it’s always fun to meet IRL with blog readers!  Next up was the UK two-man Revenge of Calculon (above), who describe their style as “luchador fat-bass & dirt-synth duo”, which pretty much summed them up perfectly.  With nothing but synths, bass, and samples they absolutely crushed it B-movie funk style.  I picked up a couple of their 7″ records from the guys after the show and I’ll be ordering the others online as soon as we get back to Seattle.  It was a perfect way to end the festival.

I think the final count for me was 44 shows by 43 different artists.  A lot of folks hit Airwaves and try to make as many shows as humanly possible, and I totally respect that.  Had we gone that route we certainly could have seen more bands.  But at the same time Airwaves is also a vacation for us so we don’t want to force ourselves to see stuff when we’re not feeling it.  And after eight Airwaves in a row we’ve figured out how we like to experience the festival, so we did it our way and enjoyed it.  Due to some work commitments in 2018 we’re not sure we’re going to be able to come back next year… we’ll just have to wait and see.  Fortunately we’ll have some positive memories to carry us through!

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