Balagan – “A Mess” (2017)

balaganamessWe popped by Lucky Records one evening during Airwaves to catch a couple of off-venue shows, and while there the guys from Balagan stopped by to deliver some copies of their brand-spanking-new EP A Mess.  Bob, vinyl pusher that he is, told me I needed to listen to it immediately, and as I was walking over to the listening station I could hear him telling one of the guys from the band “he’s a blogger from the States…”  I felt guilty not buying it right then (I could sense I was being watched to see if I’d be buying it).  The reason I didn’t, though, had nothing to do with the music, which I liked, but was more a function of not wanting to carry the thing around with me all night.  So I popped in the next day and picked myself up a copy.  Sorry the guys didn’t get to see me buy it – but rest assured, I eventually did!

Based currently in Berlin but with ties to Iceland, Balagan bring us some straight-forward garage rock – lo-fi, raw, and unpolished, just the way it was meant to be.  Sometimes punk (“Aggressive”), other times shoegaze/psych (“Moonlight”), Balagan always maintain that honest integrity – nothing fancy here, just a solid workmanlike effort.  I’m definitely digging A Mess.

The record itself is single sided, with five songs on the A side and some cool screen printing on the reverse.  It doesn’t come with a jacket – just a record in a plastic sleeve with a plain white card-stock stiffener and a small insert with credits.  The production run was limited to 200 copies, so if you want this one on wax you might want to get on it.  You can listen and order via their Bandcamp page HERE.

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